Pre-K 2 Program

Our main focus in the Pre-K 2 program is to introduce a positive school setting to your child — one that allows for a smooth separation and adjustment to a nurturing, educational environment.

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Pre-K 3 Program

Our main focus in the Pre-K 3 program is to continue the foundation of our Pre-K 2 class. Expectations of our Pre-K 3 class grow with more structure in a play-based environment.

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Pre-K 4 Program

The goal of the Pre-K 4 program is to prepare our students for a smooth transition to kindergarten. While still focusing on social and emotional development, Pre-K 4 has a more academic purpose.

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Since 1993

Our Mission

Our Preschool Program is based on appropriate early childhood practices and principles. Saint Thomas’ Episcopal Church is committed to the development and enrichment of the complete child, and our teachers guide children to promote their emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual strengths.


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